Drive Home with John Wiles

John Wiles Keeps you company on the drive home on CKBW!

Born and raised in Liverpool, John has spent most of his life on the South Shore, because there’s just no place he’d rather be!

That wasn’t always the case.  After high school, he couldn’t wait to leave the area behind, and headed for Halifax where he earned a degree in biology.  While at university, he started dabbling in radio, which soon became a passion.  At a time when most people were heading west to find work, John headed east, winding up in Newfoundland for several years.  When the chance finally came for him to move home, he took it.  John loves the outdoors and when he’s not at the radio station, can be found wandering the woods with his dog or floating around Ponhook Lake in his boat.  

You can hear Jon each weekday from 3-8 on CKBW!