Mornings with Mike Richards

Start your day the Mike Richards way from 6 to 10 am daily!

You had questions and Mike had answers!! 

  • What do you do in your spare time? I take care of our dog, cat and two kittens.   They are all rescue animals.
  • What do you do or say that makes people think your weird? I collect videogames (close to 10,000)  and I'm a Twitch streamer.  I play Rust online with a viewing audience!
  • Where are you from? The City of Lakes, Dartmouth now part of the HRM
  • Why radio? It's all I've ever wanted to do since I was 10!
  • What is your guilty pleasure? See videogames above.   Also, getting a really good bargain on anything!!!
  • If you could have ONE wish….what would you want-and WHY? My one wish will surprise a lot of people -  I hate the cold, but I am fascinated with Canada's North, and with climate change I'm afraid much of it will change               in the coming years, so I would love to spend a year spread over two summers exploring all of Canada's North and Alaska as well.  A camper or motorhome               with four wheel drive would certainly be in order for that trip!

      Talk to ya soon!!