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Mornings with Mike Richards

Start your day the Mike Richards way from 6 to 10 am daily!

You had questions and Mike had answers!! 

  • What do you do in your spare time? I take care of our dog, cat and two kittens.   They are all rescue animals.
  • What do you do or say that makes people think your weird? I collect videogames (close to 10,000)  and I'm a Twitch streamer.  I play Rust online with a viewing audience!
  • Where are you from? The City of Lakes, Dartmouth now part of the HRM
  • Why radio? It's all I've ever wanted to do since I was 10!
  • What is your guilty pleasure? See videogames above.   Also, getting a really good bargain on anything!!!
  • If you could have ONE wish….what would you want-and WHY? My one wish will surprise a lot of people -  I hate the cold, but I am fascinated with Canada's North, and with climate change I'm afraid much of it will change               in the coming years, so I would love to spend a year spread over two summers exploring all of Canada's North and Alaska as well.  A camper or motorhome               with four wheel drive would certainly be in order for that trip!

      Talk to ya soon!!




Drive Home with John Wiles

John Wiles Keeps you company on the drive home on CKBW!

Born and raised in Liverpool, John has spent most of his life on the South Shore, because there’s just no place he’d rather be!

That wasn’t always the case.  After high school, he couldn’t wait to leave the area behind, and headed for Halifax where he earned a degree in biology.  While at university, he started dabbling in radio, which soon became a passion.  At a time when most people were heading west to find work, John headed east, winding up in Newfoundland for several years.  When the chance finally came for him to move home, he took it.  John loves the outdoors and when he’s not at the radio station, can be found wandering the woods with his dog or floating around Ponhook Lake in his boat.  

You can hear Jon each weekday from 3-8 on CKBW!

Program Director and Mid-Day Gal Lisa D

Hey there!!!

I'm Lisa D the Program Director here at CKBW, and the lady keeping you busy from 10-3 every weekday!

My fiance and I moved out to the South Shore from Victoria, BC in September. I've been bundled up and ready for winter since arriving...........where is it??? This weather is amazing! I started my radio career many moons ago in the small town of Prince Rupert, BC. From there, I moved all over this amazing country of ours spending time in front of the mic and reporting news in front of the camera. I love media! I love getting to know YOU the listeners-and I LOVE NS. The only thing left to do?? Bring out my two horses-they're patiently waiting for me in BC. I have two mares-Hope and Thia-and they mean the world to me. Being new to the province I have so many places to see, restaurants to eat at and beaches to walk-feel free to toss some ideas and "must see" spots my way!

Talk to ya soon!


Cheyenne on the Weekends!

Yee Haw!  Look who came galloping into the studio!

Hi it’s Cheyenne here! I am so excited to be spending my weekends with you!

I was born in Bridgewater. I grew up just outside of Lunenburg have lived here my entire life! 

I was accepted for job shadowing program through my high school when I was 16 at CKBW/Country 100.7 and never left. I have a passion for music of all genres and love that it is now my job. I also have a passion for horses, on my days off I can be found training my horse for jumping and going for long rides on the trails in Maitland. I love anything outdoors, the woods is my favourite place! I also enjoy driving my truck, and learning how to fix it when it breaks down (which is more often than I would like to admit), and of course I also love going fishing!

Join me on the weekends!