RCMP, Fire Marshal, Medical Examiner On Scene Of Fire That Claimed The Lives Of Four Children

Posted on Monday, January 8, 2018 11:52 AM

Investigators are trying piece together the events that led to the tragic deaths of four Yarmouth County children in a weekend house fire.

RCMP say at least two people escaped the flames but their condition and whether they remain in hospital is not known.

The home in Pubnico Head was reduced to rubble.

West Pubnico fire chief Gordon Amirault says this was a terribly sad event.

"It is hard for everybody. We've never had one this bad. It is a terrible tragedy. The community is pulling together to help the families."

Amirault says the fire department was called back to the scene around 10:30 last night to extinguish a flare-up.

Meanwhile the RCMP are still not releasing any details including the number, ages or genders of the victims.

Cpl. Jennifer Clarke says they may be able to release more information later today.