Having Your Pets Prepared for Major Weather Events

Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2017 11:28 AM
With Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas, the Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia is speaking out about having a plan in place for your pets should it happen on the South Shore.
Director of Communications Catherine Stevens, says if an evacuation was ordered, it's important to know pets won't be forgotten.
"You do not have to leave your pets behind. If you're told to evacuate you can bring them with you. We are the only animal organization that works with The Canadian Red Cross. The Red Cross will set up a shelter for you and we will set up one for your pets," says Stevens.
Stevens adds it's important to have identification for your pet.
"Some indoor pets don't wear collars, but have them microchipped. It's the most effective way to make sure if something happens, your pet will be returned to you," she says.
Many people had to leave their pets behind in Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit because there was nowhere for them.
For more information on emergency preparedness for your pet visit www.dartns.org