Region Of Queens Seeking Proposals For Operation of Queens Place Canteen

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 17:21 PM

The Region of Queens is looking for proposals for the operation of their canteen at Queens Place Emera Centre.

Kingfisher Foods and Catering, owned by Stewart Jenkins has run "The Hub" at Queens Place for two years.

Their agreement with the municipality is set to expire.

That agreement came about without a public call out to other businesses two years ago but this time, the municipality is opening it up to anyone who wants to bid.

Region of Queens Mayor David Dagley, says both the municipality and Jenkins wanted it to go public.

"It's nice to have opportunity for the public to put forward their proposals and who knows, we may get a proposal that takes us to a greater operation at the location going forward."

It's unclear if Jenkins will also submit a proposal.

The deadline for proposals is April 6.