Barrington Council Dealing With Humidity Issues At Sandy Wickens Memorial Arena

Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 11:35 AM

Those who frequent an arena in Shelburne County are hoping the weather will cool down soon.

Humidity issues are occurring at the Sandy Wickens Memorial Arena in Barrington.

One of two dehumidifying units in the arena stopped working a few weeks into the season.

This, combined with unseasonably warm weather has created damp and foggy conditions inside the nearly 22 year old facility.

Barrington CAO Rob Frost says a contractor has been in to look at the unit that's not working.

"They've suggested that it would be quite expensive to fix, and it would make more sense to purchase a new one. I have an engineer coming this week to make a recommendation as to what we can do to move forward so that the problem will be solved for good."

The replacement of the unit would cost about $30,000.

In the meantime, portable dehumidifiers have been brought in to try and help the situation.

Frost says their biggest problem is the weather, and even if both units were working they would still have humidity issues, so it's important they get this fixed for the long term.

"The ice is in pretty good shape, but the conditions in general sometimes can get foggy, and it's hard to see through the glass when it's foggy or watered up. Things have gone on, but it's certainly not ideal conditions."

Frost says council will make a decision based on recommendations of the engineer.