Burned Boat Refloated At Yarmouth Wharf

Posted on Monday, January 8, 2018 12:23 PM

The Fundy Commander will sail again.

The fishing vessel caught fire on January 4 at Lobster Rock Wharf in Yarmouth.

Firefighters tried to save the dragger but storm-force winds and bitterly cold temperatures made that task nearly impossible and dangerous.

The vessel sunk at the wharf.

T&T Ocean Rescue was called in to secure the fishing boat and minimize and contain any leakage of contaminants.

Company spokesman Kurby Malone says there's always a way and despite the weather, they did what they do best.

"When it came to low water we see that it could be floated. We had a lot of big pumps and we pumped it out and she kept coming up. Then we had a diver to go under to make sure there were no holes. Then we had a big boat to come on the bow to lift her and get the water back. It all worked well."

Malone says the Fundy Commander has bee sold.

(Fundy Commander At Lobster Rock Wharf Monday January 8-CJLS News)