Bridgewater Transit System Looking For Resident's Input

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2018 11:19 AM

Bridgewater is trying to keep the transit system's wheels going.

That's why they're looking for input from residents.

An information session is being held Wednesday to see what is good, bad and should be added to the Bridgewater Transit System.

Junior Transit Planner with the Town of Bridgewater Mackenzie Childs says the good thing about the pilot program is they've been able to make changes as they go.

"We made a couple switches to the schedule and the map in the last couple months, based on what we've heard from people," she says.

"And how to kind of make the system as efficient as it can be."

Childs says you don't have to be a passenger to contribute ideas at the session.

She says because it's a pilot program they're gathering information of how the public feels the system has been to date.

"To see what the future of the service will look like, and it's really helpful to have as much feedback as we can."

Residents can attend both information sessions at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre.

Information sessions are being held at 2:15 and 6:15 on Feb., 14th.

Anyone who can't attend the event can complete the online survey.