New President And President-Elect for Doctors Nova Scotia

Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 08:18 AM

Doctors Nova Scotia has a new president. 

After spending his year as president-elect, Dr. Tim Holland has taken the reins of the oldest medical association in Canada.

Dr. Holland wants physicians to be able to practice the way that works best for them.

That could include advocating for changes to the compensation model for physicians wanting to work in a collaborative practice.

"It's not all about money, doctors are in Nova Scotia because they care about their community and their patients so we need to work together to empower physicians to be able to deliver the care they want to deliver."

Holland says the amalgamation of the health authorities took decision making out of the hands of local doctors and affected morale.

But he believes that's improving and he wants to create more dialogue with local doctors and the health authority.

With a new president and comes a new president-elect.

Liverpool's Dr. Gary Ernest was elected to the role. 

He'll shadow new president - Dr. Holland for a year before becoming the next president of the medical association.

Dr. Ernest says he'll try to bring some of his insights as a rural doctor to the table.

Ernest explains how Queens has been successful at recruitment.

"We have a get together of some sort and they see for themselves the collegiality between us and the area would be promoted really strongly so they would see it's not just a good place to practice, it's a good place to live."

Dr. Ernest says the local doctors all offer support for younger doctors and everyone has each other's backs.

He believes having doctors be a part of the recruitment process could help in other areas.

Dr. Ernest and Dr. Holland both say it's not about money but that Nova Scotia will need to increase pay in order to compete with other provinces, including even other Maritime provinces.

Contributed photo: Dr. Ernest and Dr. Holland with Nancy MacCready-Williams, CEO of Doctors Nova Scotia.

Story by Brittany Wentzell


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