Spectacle Island Light Society Seeks Heritage Designation

Posted on Saturday, January 13, 2018 09:45 AM

The Spectacle Island lighthouse in Port Mouton Bay may soon have a bit more protection.

The Spectacle Light Society has been fighting to preserve the little lighthouse since it was declared surplus by the federal government.

They've recently sought heritage designation from the Region of Queens.

Mary Ediger, president of the society, says they've done a lot of work to maintain and restore the lighthouse.

"We recently had a major renovation done on the lighthouse. We had the roofing shingles replaced, we had all the asphalt around the kind of decking replaced, some of the ... boards had been rotted, there was a broken window, and we had the entire lighthouse painted."

Designation could help the group with access to funding for when repairs are needed again.

"The benefits of having a municipal designation means that if we do apply for provincial funding in the future, it can aid us in our cause for perhaps getting some of the funds we need just to keep the lighthouse building physically in good shape."

The island is located in Port Mouton Bay and may also soon receive Nature Reserve status from the province, along with nearby Carter's Beach.

A lighthouse has been on the site since 1873.

The designation will be voted on at the next council meeting.