NSLC Offers Advance Look At Bridgewater Cannabis Store

Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2018 14:10 PM

Media were invited for a first look at the new Bridgewater Cannabis Section in the NSLC.

It's one of the larger locations outside of the Halifax area and follows the same layout as all 12 outlets across the province.

NSLC Spokesperson Beverley Ware says if you're at the store to buy both cannabis and alcohol, make sure you do so in the right order.

"If you do want to pick up some wine or beer or anything else at the same time, you can pay for that on the cannabis side, but you can't pay for your cannabis on the beverage alcohol side."

Nova Scotians hoping to be the first to buy cannabis online will still have to wait until stores open on the 17th.

Ware explains while the web page will go live at 6:00am, customers won't be able to view it until stores open at 10:00am

That's when the PIN cards customers need to view the website will be available at all locations across the province.

"We also had to source a company that was able to make these cards. The fact of the matter is that these cards just won't be available before then and we don't want to take the risk of customers somehow accessing the site before it's legally allowed."

While media had a look around, staff were busy stuffing bags with information on safe consumption from the province and Health Canada.

Ware says the store is just waiting on a couple of minor cosmetic touches to be ready for the October 17th opening.

Reported by: Ed Halverson
Twitter: @edwardhalverson
E-mail: [email protected]