Mayor Calls For Councillors Resignation

Posted on Friday, February 3, 2017 12:27 PM

A full house for the Municipal Law information session at Lunenburg Town Hall last night.

Peter Rogers from McInnes Cooper and town solicitor Patrick Burke presented information on the Municipal Government Act. 

Most of those assembled were interested to learn about when and how in-camera meetings should be conducted.

It's the issue Councillor Brian Davis has been vocal about.

"I was going by the letter of the Municipal Government Act but you just can't take the Municipal Government Act so literally."

Councillor Brian Davis says he learned a great deal about the issue he had been raising for weeks.

"There's more ways than one to do it. And they've confirmed what they're doing here in Lunenburg is one of those ways. So, I'll certainly get on with things now."

After the meeting, Davis says he now realizes he had misunderstood parts of the Act and is happy to move forward using council's established practice.


Mayor Rachel Bailey says she wants more than an apology from Councillor Davis.

"He'd made some promises, based on the outcome of this meeting, whether or not arguments that he's been making all along had any validity. And I think tonight's meeting showed that his arguments had no validity."

According to Bailey, those promises included not only a public apology to council for the ordeal, but also stepping down as councillor.

Bailey goes on to say council has no authority to push him out.

"He's an elected official and he stays an elected official under most circumstances."

Bailey is concerned Davis has damaged the trust the town has in council with his efforts over the past weeks.