Kids Get Out And Vote

Posted on Monday, October 17, 2016 23:18 PM

If elementary students were allowed to vote, the election on the South Shore may have turned out differently.

Christopher Clarke and David Walker would have kept their mayoral seats if the 13,000 students who took part in a mock election last week had their way.

Greenwood Elementary Teacher Curtis Snyder says it was an important exercise.

"Well, getting more people to participate in the electoral process is an ongoing thing. I think if we can get them earlier than we can get them to participate longer."

Snyder says the 20 students at his school looked at the platforms for each candidate before casting their vote.

He says the whole point was to get the kids engaged.

It worked for 11 year old Kayla, this is the second time she's taken part.

"We need leaders," she says, "and I think kids should be a part of it."

Eleven-year-old Hannah agrees and says she wishes more adults would get out and vote.

"...because if they vote, and some others don't, then the people who are supposed to win might not. It's important the right person gets into office."

Hannah adds the process has inspired her to consider running herself one day.

Snyder says the students are looking forward to voting in a mock provincial election once it's called sometime in the next year.