Poor Visibility And Approach Procedures Caused Crash At Halifax Airport

Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017 12:26 PM

Improper approach procedures, poor visibility and airfield lighting led to the crash of Air Canada Flight 624 at the Halifax Stanfield Airport in March of 2015.

That's the conclusion reached by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

TSB says while making part of the landing on auto pilot, the plane was blown off course in the snow storm before the crew noticed.

The aircraft severed power lines and stuck the ground 740 feet before the start of the runway.

It struck the ground twice more before sliding across the tarmac and coming to a stop 1900 feet past the runway.

Of the 133 passengers, 25 sustained injuries and were evacuated using the inflatable slides.

As a result of the crash,  Air Canada now requires pilots to monitor their instruments during all approaches under the minimum descent altitude.

The Airport Authority has upgraded the approach lighting and reviewed and updated its emergency response plan.