Budget Talks May Raise A Stink In Lunenburg

Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 12:46 PM

Residents of Lunenburg may have to hold their nose this summer as installation of a biofilter for the sewage treatment plant has been put off for another year.

Complaints of odours from the plant were brought to council last year.

Mayor Rachel Bailey says the town had to come up with a priority list of capital projects to make use of matching federal and provincial funding.

While the odour problem didn't make the list, it is still on the town's radar.

"We're addressing it at every angle and from every perspective that our engineers and our staff can think of. We are hoping to mitigate the odours."

Bailey acknowledges they are working to find solutions.

"We have taken steps last year, and some of the smaller capital items that are in our budget should address some of that issue. It's very difficult to actually pinpoint where most of the odours are coming from."

Bailey says budget discussions are ongoing and staff will be looking into how they can get the biofilter installed sooner.