Broken Sprinkler At Bridgewater Junior High Results In Little Damage

Posted on Thursday, December 28, 2017 11:39 AM

Not every calamity over the holidays was due to the storm.

A sprinkler went off Boxing Day at Bridgewater Junior High.

Coordinator of Operations at South Shore Regional School Board, Andy Selig says the sprinkler head was in the Alumni room.

Selig says about an inch of water pooled on the floor but the damage was relatively minor.

"The biggest things that were damaged in that room... it's a Bridgewater High tradition that the grad class signs a ceiling tile. There's probably six to eight of those that were damaged and unsalvageable."

Selig credits past staff members for protecting the memorabilia.

"Luckily, someone back in the day had foresight to laminate all those pictures. So there's very little to no photo lost from there. Some of the pictures on the wall did have some water staining and whatnot."

He says the faulty sprinkler has been replaced and the school will reopen in the New Year as scheduled.