Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy Seeks Volunteers

Posted on Friday, December 29, 2017 13:25 PM
A Liverpool elementary school is looking for some fresh faced volunteers in the new year.

The Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy's Parents of Wickwire Committee had some trouble finding new volunteers last year and is looking to fix that.

Terri Faber, the committee chair says they've got some new options for those looking to help.

"What we're doing now that's a bit different is, we used to have a group that was kind of committed to the whole year as a part of the parent committee," says Faber. "But what we're doing now is we're taking lists of people who can volunteer for specific events."

Faber believes there is fatigue among volunteers who get drafted into many events throughout the year.

"You have a group of people who generally volunteer for most everything and they're just really tapped out so trying to get fresh people to come in is a bit tricky."

Last year the school had to cancel their Spring Fiesta because they didn't have enough people sign up to help.

Interested people can call Faber at 902-803-0230.