Gold River Group Has Big Plans For Old School Site

Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2017 11:23 AM

A community group in Gold River is working to develop the former school site.

The Together We Can group wants to plant community gardens, establish a walking track and build benches and picnic tables.

Secretary Heather Brooker says the people of Gold River are behind the effort.

"I do believe that low-cost, low-maintenance ideas are the ones that are going to probably be the most welcome both by the people who are trying to develop this site as well as the council."

Brooker says residents are not going to let this recreation opportunity slip away.

"We need to put our stake in the ground to ensure that the municipality knows that this community is serious about preserving that site for use and enjoyment of the community."

The former school site is currently closed to the public while the area is made safe.

Brooker says her group has partnered with the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation to depave the asphalt from the site and applied for funding from the federal government.

She says they will approach Chester municipal council next week to see what support they will be willing to offer.