Quality of Life Survey Making Its Way Across NS

Posted on Monday, May 13, 2019 10:53 AM

People across Nova Scotia are getting the chance to vent about their quality of life.

Roughly one in five homes across the province will receive an invitation and code in the mail to complete an online survey.

It is being conducted by Engage Nova Scotia.

Chief Engagement Officer, Danny Graham, says it asks people how they feel they're doing in eight areas like living standards.

"What is the quality of life of Nova Scotians and how can we begin to measure and improve that if it is important? In simplest forms, if we treasure it, we should measure it."

The survey is open to anyone over 16 years-old and is available until July 5.

Once the results are complete, ten regional reports will be created to help planning at the local level and set future priorities.

"Then locally, people start to say 'this is what is important to us' or 'we need to improve in this area' or 'more people should know about this' in our particular region of the province so that we attract and retain people who want to live, work and play here."

Graham adds it's not just research but a 'shaping our future' project.

People who would prefer a paper copy of the survey (in English or French) can call (902) 407-2582 or email [email protected] .

Reported by: Nick Yorston
Twitter: @NickYorston
E-mail: [email protected]