62 Niobe Sea Cadets Corp Stand Guard At The Vigil of Remembrance

Posted on Friday, November 10, 2017 15:12 PM

Just like soldiers before them, the 62 Niobe Sea Cadet Corp will be standing on guard tonight.

Beginning at 7:00, the Corp will be holding a Vigil of Remembrance at the Bridgewater Veterans Memorial Park.

Commanding Officer Tina Rafuse says it's their way to pay respect to veterans and those serving now.

"It's also important to some of the cadets because they have family members that served with our country and they trult are proud of this," she says.

"This is their way of saying thank you to the Veterans."

She also says it's harder for more and more veterans to get out and stand for the ceremonies, so the Cadets step in.

"As they get older they're not able to get out, so it gives [the cadets] more views on Remembrance Day and everything."

This is the eighth year they've held the vigil.

Cadets will stand on guard until 7 am tNov. 11.