Liverpool Gets Festive With Christmas On The Mersey

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 11:56 AM

The start of December means the start of Christmas on the Mersey.

The weekend-long festival in Liverpool kicks off Friday evening and goes until Sunday.

Chair Mark Reynolds says the events are all about reinforcing the true spirit of the holidays.

"Come down to share the most unique sense of I would say spiritualism, a sense of belonging and a sense of home," he says.

"And truly the essence of what Christmas used to be and still really should be about."

And part of the holiday season is feasts.

That's where volunteer Cathie Pincombe comes in.

Holiday meals are happening throughout restaurants in Liverpool, the Greenfield District Fire Department Breakfast, and Pincombe says one of the most important food events is the Christmas Food Drive.

"The Christmas on the Mersey is very much a community event and a community festival," she says.

"And Christmas is the season when people really like to give. The Food Bank is a good cause and for many, many in our community a very necessary cause."

A full list of food-related events and other activities can be found at Christmas On The Mersey's Facebook page.