Making Sure You Keep Your Fitness Resolution

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 11:26 AM

New year, new you.

A popular new years resolution is to start going to the gym.

But it's a resolution most end up pushing aside.

Co-owner of the lynds Den Mike Lynds says they see an increase in memberships at the beginning of the year, but then it drops off.

He calls it the six-week countdown.

"The club turns into, like, a disco club the first week then it kind of dwindles," he says.

"On our part, what we try to do, is try and help those people who come in the first of the year."

Lynds says the big thing a gym needs to do is create a welcoming environment so people aren't intimidated when trying to get healthy.

He says it's helping someone make health a habit.

"We try to make that environment that's very welcoming, kind of that old Mom & Pop Store feeling," he says.

"So when you go into a Mom & Pop Store you just instantly felt comfortable."

Lynds says helping keep fitness resolutions comes down to the staff.

He says showing members how to properly use the machines and making them feel comfortable all contribute to helping them stick to fitness goals.