NS NDP Leader Says Liberals Are Creating Deeper Divide With Unions

Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 11:45 AM

Nova Scotia's NDP leader says Premier Stephen McNeil is entirely deaf to the crisis in health care and education.

Gary Burrill says the Liberal leader is seemingly unaware of how his policies are affecting communities, particularly in rural Nova Scotia.

He also says the government has created an even more adversarial role with unions.

Burrill says one example is when they accepted some of the recommendations of the Glaze report, like removing principals and vice-principals from the teachers union.

"This has taken the scab that was maybe beginning to cover over this wound and scraped it off with a wire brush. I think the present government couldn't create a positive relationship between a German Shepard and a T-bone steak."

Burrill says the Liberals are applying the "super-central" model to education the way they did to health care when they merged the province's nine district health authorities into one.

He is also critical of the Glaze report on education administration, particularly in relation to minorities.

The Nova Scotia Black Educators Association issued a statement saying it was “snubbed" by Dr. Avis Glaze.

The association says the elimination of all English school boards silences the basic voting rights and freedoms of African Nova Scotians.

Gary Burrill says the present school board system must be protected.

"In our school boards we have this marvellous model where Aboriginal and African Nova Scotian populations are able to be represented."

Burrill says the Liberals will wipe all of that out.

He says the Glaze report was based on inadequate information and inadequate engagement.

Burrill has been meeting with business and municipal leaders in Barrington, Shelburne and Yarmouth.