Out Shopping? Keep Those Christmas Gifts Hidden Say RCMP

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 11:53 AM

For most of us this is a busy time of year, shopping for those perfect Christmas gifts.

But the RCMP are reminding shoppers that there are grinches out there, waiting for crimes of opportunity.

Police are investigating the theft of Christmas gifts from a parked car at a hotel near the airport in Halifax.

RCMP media spokesperson Cpl. Jennifer Clarke says just because we live in the Tri-Counties and South Shore doesn't mean that we're immune.

"It really doesn't. The unfortunate reality is that it's out there and It's obvious to all who walk by your vehicle that there's something of value in there. Sometimes people will get into your vehicle they can."

Cpl. Clarke also reminds people to lock their vehicle's doors.

Something she says not everyone does for whatever reason.