Nature Conservancy Of Canada Issues Warning On Japanese Knotweed

Posted on Monday, July 31, 2017 12:13 PM

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is warning people to be on the look out for Japanese Knotweed.

Andrew Holland says the weed is very aggressive and can impact native species, the economy, and infrastructure.

Holland says it's fearless and hurts the economy by causing damage governments have to replace, as it is able to grow through 8 cm of concrete and asphalt.

Japanese Knotweed can grow up to three inches per day and over three feet in a matter of a few weeks.

If it's in your backyard you can mow it, but it can take five years to eradicate it if you do treat it on your own.

It can be found in nearly all provinces in Canada and in the north-eastern United States.

To avoid the spread of Japanese Knotweed make sure to clean off your vehicle, clothes and stay on existing walking trails when exploring the outdoors.