Chester - St. Margaret's : MacKay Upsets Incumbent Peterson-Rafuse on Final Poll

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 02:41 AM

As of now, it appears the Liberals have their first MLA in Chester - St. Margaret's since Jim Barkhouse in 1993.

Hugh MacKay learned around 12:30 Wednesday morning that he tallied 90 more votes than incumbent Denise Peterson-Rafuse of the NDP.

He was trailing her by 44 votes with results from one poll to be reported.

"I'm literally sitting in my driveway talking to my daughter in Vancouver explaining to her that the likelihood of changing over that number votes is not going to happen and then all of a sudden she went hysterical."

The final vote count was 3,112 for MacKay and 3,022 for Peterson-Rafuse, who was first elected in 2009.

She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016.

MacKay says he's unsure if there will be a re-count.

If he stands to be the winner, his first order of business will be to consult with Peterson-Rafuse.

"I respect her and I plan to ask her about some of the challenges and opportunities that she would bring to my attention and to see what I can do to carry on the good work she's done for the voters of Chester-St. Margaret's over the past seven years."

Progressive Conservative candidate Julie Chaisson finished third with 2,229 votes followed by Green Party candidate Harry Ward with 413 votes.

Voter turnout in the riding was 57%.