Film Budget In NS Gets A Big Bump

Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 12:35 PM

The province is upping the budget for film and television production in the Nova Scotia.

Six point nine million will be added to the $10 million film and television production incentive fund as they anticipate increased demand for 2017-18.

Minister of Business, Mark Furey says the province has landed a number of large productions which has demonstrated the need to increase funding.

He says the investment isn't just more pre-election spending.

"It is critically important that we are making decisions in the best interests of all Nova Scotians, across all sectors within our ability to pay."

Furey says a number of large productions forecasted for 2017-18 have made the increase necessary.

"Industry and government, through NSBI, were able to project and monitor work going forward. And we believe this amount will address both recurring productions and anticipated productions up to the end of the fiscal year."

Furey says more film production means more jobs and spending in Nova Scotia.