Baillie Says Nova Scotians Have Spoken Loud And Clear

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 12:17 PM

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says Nova Scotians heard their message and responded by elected 17 PCs to the legislature.

During the last two weeks of the campaign, they worked to make health care the number one issue on voter's minds.

Something Baillie says resonated with people across Nova Scotia.

"Well we focused on health care because the voters were pointing us towards health care. And I hope all parties got the message."

But Baillie says the work doesn't stop with the election.

"That just shows how much people wanted to send a message to, first the McNeil government, but to all of us. That they are not happy with health care and jobs and now it's our job to show them that we've heard that message."

Baillie says once the new MLAs are sworn in, he'll be turning his attention to the budget.

He hopes to see government find more support for mental health and address the lack of family doctors.

For now, he will welcome the new members of his caucus as they prepare for the spring session.