Three Levels of Government Partner To Clean Up LaHave River

Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2017 15:13 PM

The goal to eliminate straight pipes from the lower LaHave River by 2023 is now in motion.

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg with the provincial and federal governments are collaborating to spend just over $15.7-million to get rid of more than 600 straight pipes that feed sewage into the river.

Each level of government is contributing $5,247,060.

South Shore - St. Margaret's MP, Bernadette Jordan, says it's been a long time coming.

"This investment will enable us to replace outdated straight pipes with modern septic systems creating a cleaner, healthier river. A river that can be enjoyed by boaters, recreational fishers, families and tourists for generations to come."

Thirteen year-old Stella Bowles started her research in 2015 to assess the river's water quality and posted her results on Facebook.

She says knowing clean up is moving forward is the best news.

"This is an amazing step in he right direction. It really is a gift to future generations along this beautiful river. I look forward to adults making more positive steps for our environment."

The MLA for Lunenburg West, Mark Furey, says he was optimistic and hopeful over the last three years to see this project come to fruition.

"The discharge of waste into the river from nearby homes has been a longstanding issue to which I'm proud to see is being addressed."

The mayor of the municipality, Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, says they will develop a wastewater management district and all properties will have to demonstrate they have an approved septic system.

The municipality will manage the design and installation of a system for those households that have straight pipes.

She says the property owner will have up to seven years to pay off any outstanding costs.

The first few systems could be installed by the end of the year.