Another School Shake Up For Bridgewater

Posted on Monday, December 4, 2017 13:06 PM

Grade five and six students could be moving from Bridgewater Elementary to Bridgewater Junior High as of September 2018.

Originally, just grade six students had been slated to make the move next fall.

School Advisory Councils for both schools made the recommendation* ahead of a catchment review being completed.

South Shore Regional School Board Superintendent Scott Milner says this would relieve overcrowding at the elementary school.

"In our view, and now, I guess the School Advisory Council is feeling the same way, that by better balancing the populations, the populations would be about equal. So it just provides everyone better learning spaces."

Milner says the wide age range at the school won't be a problem.

"We can separate grades in different zones of the school. So really it could operate as a school, within a school. I'm putting that out there to relieve some concern that I've heard expressed."

The board will consider the motion at their next meeting December 13.

Milner says parents or guardians who wish to comment should contact a board member before that time.

*An earlier version of the story stated the SAC made the decision to move the students. The School Advisory Councils only have the authority to advise the board. We apologize for any confusion.