Owner Of Farley Mowatt Ordered To Pay Town Of Shelburne Over $143,000

Posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 07:25 AM

The saga of the Farley Mowatt may finally be over for the Town of Shelburne.

Although the derelict vessel was towed out of the town's port in July of last year to be sold as scrap, it was, for about three years, an eyesore and expense to Shelburne.

Mayor Karen Mattatal says they just became aware that a Federal Court judge has ordered the owner of the Farley Mowatt, Tracy Dodds, to pay the Town of Shelburne approximately $144,000 for expenses that the town incurred.

"It certainly will help to bring the difficult experience to a close. We're looking at our options relative to the court decision."

She would not comment at this time on what those options might be.

Mattatal says she will discuss those once the town receives the money.

The mayor says last fall the town received almost all of the money that it cost them to keep the Farley Mowatt pumped out while it was docked in Shelburne.

The federal Ship-Source Oil Pollution Fund awarded Shelburne $43,000 of the total cost of $46,000.