Lunenburg Mayor Supports 2-1-1 Service

Posted on Monday, June 19, 2017 16:01 PM

Lunenburg's Mayor is touting the benefits of the province's 2-1-1 service.

Rachel Bailey says a presentation made at the last council session gave her a greater appreciation for what the service can do.

"It's well used but it has the capacity to be much better used. And I think so many of us really struggle with, who does what?"

2-1-1 is a directory service that answers questions about which government or non-profit services are best suited to help with a particular problem or concern.

The 2-1-1 service also helps municipal councillors and staff find resources for their constituents when they don't know the answer.

"It's a very valuable resource that could be better used if people realized it was there for their service."

Bailey says at a cost to each Nova Scotian of $1.09 per year, the service is invaluable.