Teachers Making Their Way To Province House For Noon Rally

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2017 09:26 AM

Legislation imposing a contract on Nova Scotia teachers won't be passed until Tuesday.

Several hundred striking teachers have been on the steps of Province House since last night.

Chanting, sirens, and horns can be heard throughout the halls as the Liberal government works to push through Bill 75.

Opposition MLAs are passionately arguing against the bill during the Committee of the Whole House.

Many sharing personal stories of teachers they know who are struggling to give their students the support they need.

Once they're finished, the process then shifts to third reading.

With a long weekend starting tomorrow it means the McNeil Liberals will be forced to wait until next week to pass the bill.

The gathering outside should reach its peak around noon when the official rally is expected to draw thousands of people to downtown Halifax.