Principals Threaten To Quit Over Glaze Report

Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 13:35 PM

Educational staff across the province are bucking the province's efforts to change the system.

President of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union Liette Doucet says two have already said they will step down and return to the classroom and there are rumblings more will follow.

Doucet says government's decision to impement the recommendations of the Glaze Report has left her members out of the conversation.

"If the government really wanted to do something, they would shelve this report. They would consult. They would talk about what is necessary going forward and we could alleviate a lot of that anxiety."

Doucet says government is forcing administrators into an unwanted position.

"They do not want to be a manager. They are looking to continue with the collegial relationship that exists now. They're working everyday to improve the education of their students."

Doucet feels principals should be given space to be educators and they belong in the teachers union.

She's says a principal is a lead teacher and not a disciplinarian.